Some common questions asked by visitors to our website.






What is the recommended length of stay?


We do offer short term options to volunteers. We recommend 2 to 3 months for the full experience.

Is there internet access in the rooms?


Yes, in the rooms and in the research centre.

Is the water safe to drink?


Yes, our tap water is safe to drink.

How much should I budget for day-to-day expenses like food and drinks?


Living cost in South Africa are similar to countries like western Europe
and the USA.

Some food will be slightly more expensive.

Are transfers to and from George Airport available?


Yes, these transfers are included in your Accommodation fees.

I use prescription medicine. Will I have access to a pharmacy?


You will have access to a few pharmacies and Doctors in Knysna and
George. We recommend that you bring as much prescription medicine as you are allowed.


Where is the research centre located?


In the small coastal town, Brenton-on-Sea west of Knysna in the Western
Cape Province that forms part of the Garden Route.

Do we accommodate disabled students/volunteers?


We can accommodate slightly disabled students/volunteers. Please contact us for more details.

How far is the closest airport?


Our closest airport is George Airport, 1 hour drive.

Do I need any vaccinations?


The vaccines you need to visit South Africa might vary depending on your
country of origin. Therefore, travellers planning to go to South Africa should visit their doctor at least 6 weeks before setting off to ask for the
necessary vaccinations.

By checking with a health professional, visitors have plenty of time to get
the necessary vaccinations for South Africa as sometimes two doses are
required, weeks apart.

Besides a yellow fever vaccine, there are no compulsory vaccinations for
South Africa, though there are a few recommended ones. However, a COVID-19 vaccine is now not mandatory to enter South Africa. All COVID vaccination certificate requirements for the country have been lifted.

What type of electric/power plug adapter do I need?


Electric power plug M has the official name of BS 546. Type M is a “15 A/250 V” version of electric plug D: 220/230V 50 Hz. Note that electric plug M is larger than D, thus plug D is not compatible in South Africa.

You can buy them at our Beach Spaza shop.

What is the weather like?


Brenton-on-Sea has a oceanic climate. There is rainfall during all months
of the year. The average annual temperature for Brenton-on-Sea is 21°
degrees and there is about 269 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 215 days
a year with an average humidity of 72% and an UV-index of 5.